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Whitepaper with a twist

What do B2B decision-makers actually want to read? The next lame sales jargon? Hey, even the good old brochure has its raison d’être. But here’s another question: What will LinkedIn doomscrollers stumble across? On vacation? On the cell phone? Or on … wherever.

And then: how do you offer them a new perspective on a topic they already know? And without it becoming silly?

Well, you treat the topic seriously. Wrap it up a little tongue-in-cheek. Like this, for example.

This whitepaper for HQ revenue was created with the goal of generating leads during the summer slump and is just getting started.

Team size: 1.5 (author/editor + 1/2layout)

Read the Whitepaper (German)
On widening topics ...

... and hiding thought leadership messaging in the subtext.

Written five-plus years ago, this content piece is still happily passed around. Why?

The digital agency Pinuts digital thinking offers the rather complex service CMS evaluation. For the agency, it’s the fabled foot in the door. And the clients? They are naturally – and quite rightly! – are sceptical: Is someone just trying to get his foot in the door? Yep. Exactly. So what do you do?

It’s actually quite simple: The goal is to take away the skepticism of the prospective customers, i.e. to build trust. And what better way to do that than to really lay out the process and its steps?

The whitepaper guides readers through the steps of the CMS evaluation and does not shy away from a bit of theory (in reasonable amounts, of course): What are „requirements“? And: Do requirements have requirements? (Spoiler: Yes.) A pleasant side effect: Anyone who can delve so deeply into the subject matter and then deliver the whole shebang with a Feynman approach is automatically regarded as an absolute coniferry for the topic.

Has worked well. Leads (organic) in the time frame: 3 figures. Not completely wrong for an absolute B2B niche. The print version continues to be distributed at trade shows and events. Together with the feet.

Team size: 2 (author/editor MN + layout/design)

See Whitepaper*

* much colorful. You can find the updated version on Pinuts.de


On baking newsletters

Marketers love newsletters … because they often sell well within the company: The statistics are easy to bend, even if things don’t go sooo well – and the effort is kept within limits. In other words, classic ‚low hanging fruit‘.

What marketers tout as the unbreakable marketing tool, recipients almost always see as collateral damage: You have to check that stupid box because otherwise you won’t get anything else.

So how do you turn this relationship around – and what can newsletters be used for in B2B?

First: You turn up the effort a little bit – and thereby create a channel for customer loyalty, which hardly any other channel can achieve. Second: You use the channel for messages that fit exactly there. Third: You think twice around the corner – and comment on current events by embedding your own offering in them.

Cost: One hour of creativity in the quiet corner. One hour of writing. Results: Smiling B2B decision-makers who feel understood. If only because a twinkle in the eye and professionalism are not contradictory.

Nevermind the Case Study

Here's the Case Story

One of FFW’s (agency specialized in Drupal websites) biggest clients was the Tourism Authority of Denmark. Doesn’t sound very exciting at first. Unless you really get into it and look at the project from all sides: From the Kattegat AND from the Skagerrak.

Seriously: Every trade involved had its own view of things – and the customers are interested in … well … all of them. Nevertheless, the result should be readable – possibly even entertaining.

Read Case Study
Nevermind ... ah, we've already had that.

Case Story. But a tad more 'corporate'.

Valsight develops a SaaS for the CFO/FP&A divisions of large companies and corporations. Commerzbank, among others, is quite happy with the software solution for simulating complex financial scenarios.

In this instance, too, a story is at the center: the core implementation team had taken advantage of the trainee (20, w) to put the veteran controller warhorses (40+, m) in a deadlock. If she could get it right, the execs would have a hard time complaining about it being too tricky. Couldn’t write it that way. But a little differently.

This case study became a win-win-win case itself. For almost all parties involved.

Zur Case-Study

MORE Content

I don’t create content. I create ideas, messages, formats. And out of that, media. Mostly text-based in some way. Almost always digital. Sometimes somehow different. Always interested. Because, as Arthur Schopenhauer once said: „Only those who are interested become interesting.“*


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